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The New England Patriots Legacy

The NFL is a league like few others. Carrying the mantle of American Football in the sporting industry, it has millions of fans in the US and Canada alone, with countless lovers worldwide. Its broadcasted games are watched all around the world with great anticipation and eagerness, with the majority of the viewership coming, of course, from the US and Canada. There are many things that make the NFL the uncontested best football league today, such as viewership, financial success and its fans, as well as all the stars that play in it. However, the best and most cherished part of the esteemed National Football League is all the great clubs or franchises that are a part of it. Without these prestigious and beloved franchises, the NFL would surely never be where it is today.

There are many NFL franchises that have a very rich legacy and history to boast about. Be it legendary players, memorable wins or unexpected underdog or fairytale Super Bowl runs, all NFL franchises have history and something to be proud of. However, one particular team that stands out from all others and is considered by many to be the best team in NFL’s history hails from Boston. We are talking, of course, about the legendary New England Patriots. The Patriots are considered by many to be the greatest and most successful franchise in the history of the NFL. Below, we discuss the several reasons why most NFL fans agree that the Patriots are the greatest team in NFL history, or at least of the last few decades.

Coaching Staff

The Patriots can easily claim to have the best general manager in recent NFL history, with Bill Belichick. He has been in Boston ever since his appointment in 2000, and has worked wonders with the Patriots. He is known for his innovative and technically-intuitive game-planning, as well as his incredible and strong man-management. He is tied with legendary manager Vince Lobardi for the most Super Bowls in NFL’s history.

Tom Brady

Brady’s journey from being the crown prince of the NFL in the early 2000’s to being the undisputed king, and ever since his recent retirement, the greatest player in NFL’s illustrious history and possibly one of the greatest sportsmen to ever live, has been well-documented and known by all sports fans. He won everything possible with the Patriots and did so in incredible fashion, wrapping up the records for the most passing yards and career touchdowns in the history of the NFL. Brady was ever-present for the Patriots, rarely ever injured and wrapped up 6 Super Bowls for the Boston-based outfit.

Brady has since moved on, won another Super Bowl in Tampa and retired, but his real legacy will always be in New England.

Consistency In Results

The Patriots can boast to be the most consistent team in the NFL in the past 2 decades, missing out on playoffs just twice in the last 21 years. They have also made it all the way to the final game an incredible 11 times, winning 6 of them.

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